Terms of use


Money Miner is a free to play online game.

These Terms of Use were updated on February 5, 2018.


Money Miner or SERVICES: shall mean the collection of services provided by Money Miner available free of charge, on websites and mobile devices, on moneyminer.io.

Money Miner LICENSING: shall mean the service enabling by external developers and/or promotional operations by external marketers.

ILLEGAL CONTENT: shall mean any content of any kind whatsoever (text, voice, image, sound etc.) of such a nature as to infringe any recognised third party rights (including, in particular, rights held by natural persons, legal persons, groupings or communities etc.) regardless of which legislation is applicable. In particular, any content that could infringe any intellectual property rights, personality rights, as well as any content that could constitute a justification for war crimes or crimes against humanity, and more generally any form of discrimination against one or more classes of people, shall be deemed to be Illegal Content.

USER or YOU: shall mean any person accessing Money Miner's Services.


Money Miner gives access to many services which may be restricted to registered Members.

2.1 - How to register

The use of some Services offered by Money Miner may require to register as a "Member" and provide information by filling a form to allow User identification.

The Member commits to provide Money Miner with correct and comprehensive information and maintain up-to-date information by using the User Account, to which registration gives access.

2.2 - Use of username and password

A username and password give access to Services restricted to Members, as well as to the User Account. The username and password are strictly personal, and should not under any circumstances be shared with or disclosed to third parties.

Members are personally responsible for their identification details and must use them in accordance with the provisions of these General Terms of Use.

Each Member shall hold Money Miner harmless from and against any wrongful use of the Member's identification details and/or resulting in a loss arising from said identification details, whether or not fraudulent, caused by the Member's own acts or omissions, or those of a third party. Please note that Money Miner provides no guarantees to its Membres on this last point and recalls that it does not have the necessary technical resources to verify the real identity of persons registering for its Services. Money Miner may not be held liable in the event of a theft of identification details and/or the identity of one of its Members.

If a Member notices or suspects any fraudulent use of his User Account, said Member must immediately inform Money Miner by sending an e-mail to support@moneyminer.io.


3.3 - User obligations

3.3.1 - Direct use of Money Miner services

You undertake not to post inappropriate or abusive content and to act loyally towards Money Miner, its partners and all Users.

Accordingly, You undertake to refrain from publishing, by any mean, any content or information, in any form whatsoever:

  • that may directly or indirectly harm any third party (natural person, legal person or group of persons);
  • that is defamatory, insulting, obscene, immoral, offensive or violent, or that incites any type of political, racist or xenophobic violence (whether physical, verbal or psychological violence), and more generally that violates the laws in force;
  • having the nature of personal information concerning a Member or any third party without said person's express consent;
  • that infringes the intellectual property rights of their authors and/or other right holders, whether alone or incorporated into or in association with any other content;
  • and not using technologies of such a nature as to reduce, disrupt and/or prevent the normal operation of the Services;

You also undertake not to infringe the intellectual property rights of the content to which You have access when using the Services.

You agree that You are solely liable for the distribution of any text, information, data, hypertext links, music, sound recordings, photographs, drawings, videos, messages, tags or any other Materials through the Services.

In the event of a failure by a User to comply with any of the provisions of the General Terms of Use, Money Miner may, without any prior warning, take any measure and notably shut down the User Account. Furthermore, Money Miner may bring legal proceedings against the User.

In the event of a claim, complaint or proceedings arising out of wrongful conduct by a User or Member that directly or indirectly breach the provisions of these General Terms of Use, Money Miner may take action against the User or Member whose acts gave rise to the claim, complaint or proceedings.

3.3.2 - Embedding of Money Miner services on external resources

Money Miner offers the possibility for Users to insert on their blogs, personal websites, social networks profiles and more generally any website, a software composed of a code, including but not limited to a mobile application allowing to use Money Miner services. This insertion, and the way in which the services are distributed, must comply with these General Terms of Use. Additionally, they must also comply with the guidelines of Your hosting company.

You agree to hold Money Miner harmless from and against any claims by any third party in relation to any complaint and/or action regarding the insertion and/or distribution of the services.


Users can support Money Miner by making donations using the payment service provided by Money Miner. By using this service, you are subject to this service's general terms of use and Money Miner may not be held liable for said use.


The Money Miner is the sole holder of the intellectual property rights relating to the trademarks, patents, software, logos, graphics, photographs and animations contained on the Services. However, they may be reproduced without Money Miner's express consent.

Money Miner hereby grants You a license to use their services, distribute and embed them in other digital products and advertise them online and offline without any restrictions.


6.1 - Money Miner's responsibility

Money Miner may not be held liable neither regarding third party content and services described in paragraph 7.2, nor for the content published on Services by Users, without a prior notification.

Money Miner have no general obligation to monitor products that use its Services. If you find or consider that a product where Money Miner Services are used is manifestly illegal or violates these Terms of Use you can send a notification by e-mail to support@moneyminer.io.

6.2 - Services and contents provided by third parties

Money Miner's Services may include links to other websites, and services and contents provided by third parties, including but not limited to social networks sharing buttons (for example Twitter and Facebook). Money Miner does not have the control on these services and contents nor on websites accessible by said links.

Money Miner's liability may not be held for the use of these materials provided by third parties. By using these services, You accept to be subject to the service's terms of use and/or privacy policy.


Money Miner may modify these General Terms of Use at any time. Unregistered Users shall refer to the latest version available on Money Miner's website. Registered Members will be informed of the modifications through their User Account or through a newsletter.

Without manifestation by the User of his will to unregister from Money Miner, the new version of the General Terms of Use shall be considered as tacitly accepted fifteen (15) days after the notification to the User by Money Miner of the existence of a new version.


In the event that one of the Clauses of the General Terms of Use is held to be invalid, the parties hereby agree that the other Clauses of the General Terms of Use shall remain valid and that the Terms of Use will remain in full force and effect.